Welcome to the Strabo Shopping Centre Register (SWR)

This register includes all the systematically developed shopping centres in the Netherlands. You will find everything you need to know about the more than one thousand systematically developed Dutch shopping centres. You can make selections on no less than fifteen variables, from owner to parking regime, from opening year to number of retail outlets, from municipality to last year of renovation.

Whereas the NRW (Nederlandse Raad Winkelcentra) stopped the NRW register in 2006, Strabo continued to update the database, adding new centres and enriching it with new data.

The criteria to be met for inclusion in the register are:

  • In the first phase, a systematically developed shopping centre
  • At least 2500 m2 GLA
  • At least 4 points of sale

The register also includes shopping centres that have not yet opened, but whose completion is certain. Additional information is also provided on renovation plans, winners of NRW Annual Awards and recent sales. In short, a wealth of information.